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Associate Members

SEPA VOAD Associate Members are voluntary organizations in the five-county SEPA region with disaster planning and operational capabilities that are able to provide an active role, have an interest in helping people at risk or affected by disaster, and have a willingness to commit services and resources to meet the needs of the people without discrimination.

SEPA VOAD Associate

American Radio Relay League Inc, EPA Section

The American Radio Relay League Inc is the National Association for Amateur Radio and largest membership organization for ham radio.  ARRL is organized into sections throughout the USA and Canada.  EPA Section sponsors many radio programs notably the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) by individual Counties and National Traffic System (NTS) by various levels

SEPA VOAD Associate

Bucks County Critical Incident Stress Management Program (CISM) Team


Consisting of peer support personnel and medical health professionals, the Bucks County CISM team provides Critical Incident Stess Management for emergency providers, i.e. police, firefighters, EMTs, dispatchers, etc.

SEPA VOAD Associate

Bucks County Crisis Response Team (BCCRT)


The mission of the Bucks County Crisis Response Team is to facilitate crisis intervention services to crime victims and their communities in the aftermath of a traumatic event in Bucks County and surrounding counties.

SEPA VOAD Associate

Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation


Tzu Chi’s unique approach to disaster relief includes delivering cash aid and emergency relief supplies directly into the hands of disaster survivors. Wherever there is a disaster, Tzu Chi is ready to provide relief to all, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, socio-economic status or religion. The guiding principles of Tzu Chi’s relief work are “gratitude, respect and love.”

SEPA VOAD Associate

BuildaBridge International


BuildaBridge is a nonprofit arts education and intervention organization that engages the transformative power of the arts to bring hope and healing to children families, and communities in the tough places of the world.

SEPA VOAD Associate

Mitzvah Circle Foundation


Mitzvah Circle Foundation provides material support to individuals and families dealing with crisis, poverty, homelessness and serious illness. Programs serve people who are unable to obtain immediate or sufficient help from government agencies and traditional service organizations. Through careful assessment and building personal relationships, needs are determined and individualized assistance is delivered.

SEPA VOAD Associate

Nationalities Service Center


Nationalities Service Center (NSC) is a non-profit organization that provides social, educational and legal services to immigrants and refugees in the Greater Philadelphia area.

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